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  1. SuperYang

    Tractors Claas Xerion Tour Edition

    Description Claas Xerion tour edition Claas Xerion: Price: 409.500 $ Power: 480 hp Engine configuration: - Xerion 4200 (420 hp) - Xerion 4500 (480 hp) - Xerion 5000 (530 hp) Animations: - The left door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons left/right - The steeringbase folds...
  2. SuperYang

    Tractors Zetor 8011

    Description Manufacturer: ZETOR Model: 8011 Production: 1968 Standard engine: ZETOR Transmission: Manual Max speed: 30 km/h Price: 10800 € Power: 80HP Shop Category: Small Tractors
  3. SuperYang

    Tractors IHC 353

    Description It's an IHC 353 with lots of nice details PS: 35/70 KMH: 33/35 Built: 1969 in Neuss Germany
  4. SuperYang

    Tractors JCB 4220 Agravis Auktion's Set

    Description JCB 4220 Agravis Auction's Set ================================================== == The "set" includes... A JCB 4220 with various pre-selected design options. and a matching Quicke Q88 front loader. ===================================== What can the JCB change besides its design...
  5. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 7810 Improved

    Description Hello farmer! Do you like the 7810, but the Giants gearbox is unusable? Perfect, this mod is the one for you, which is a default 7810 with some improvements, here is a list of the changes: - Manual gearbox + PowerShift set correctly. - Real consumption of diesel. - Realistic...
  6. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 2400

    Description Manufacturer: ZETOR/JOHN DEERE Model: 2 series Production: 1984 - 1992 Standard engine: ZETOR Transmission: Manual Max speed: 30 km/h Price: 10000 € Power: 90HP Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body color, rim color, front attacher configuration, mudguards Shop Category: Small Tractors
  7. SuperYang

    Tractors Belarus Mtz 1025,3

    Description A beautiful belarus with many configurations. Characteristics : - Price: 15000 € - Max. power: 110 hp - Max. speed: 35 km/h Additional option: - Color variant (rim): white, grey, black - Additional wheel weight - Beacon - GPS navigator - Support for "guidanceSteering" script
  8. SuperYang

    Tractors Rába Steiger 250

    Description Raba Steiger 250 all-wheel drive tractor. (Hungarian People's Republic, Hungarian RÁBA Wagon and Machinery Plant) The Rába-Steiger 250 tractor is an improved version of the Rába-Steiger 245, a high-performance four-wheel drive power unit. Its engine is already air-cooled and has a...
  9. SuperYang

    Tractors Xtreme John Deere Pack

    Description This mod pack for Farming Simulator 22 features your favorite John Deere machinery but now enhanced with eXtra power, eXtreme speed and eXciting performance! All store items in this mod feature: - Double the Lifespan for Durability with Titanium Components - Fine Tuned Pricing and...
  10. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 6R 2021 US

    Description An American version of the excellent John Deere 6R 2021. What was done on it? - Added new US side turn signals - Addition of indicators on the cabin and removal of EU indicators - Added front loader option - Changed front weight from EU to US weights - New complete wheel setups (7R...
  11. SuperYang

    Tractors New Holland TM Series

    Description A beautiful New Holland TM Series which is available in multiple configurations. Characteristics: - Price: €55,000 - Power: 100 – 180 hp A multitude of config. tires Interactive doors and windows Some "warnings" exist but the mod is FULLY playable
  12. SuperYang

    Tractors IMT 5170/5210

    Description Certainly one of the best conversions of Farming Simualtor 19, an ultra-complete IMT with the possibility of opening almost everything on it. Characteristics : - Price: €32,000 - Power: 170 - 210 hp
  13. SuperYang

    Tractors Fendt 300 Vario Power

    Description A faster 300 Fendt (55 kmh) with an extra configuration of 175 hp for a surcharge of 20,000 euros
  14. SuperYang

    Tractors Mc Cormick X7 - F4 Mod

    Description McCormick X7 - F4 Mod Additional Options: -Increased speed to 40mph (64kph) -Xtra Wide tire options (and with weights) --Trelleborg --Michelin --Mitas --BKT --Nokian Each xtra wide tire option has additional traction. -Multiple color options --Main color options --Grill color...
  15. SuperYang

    Tractors Agrifull 140

    Description Agrifull 115-90 130-90 130-90 turbo 140-90 140-90 turbo Reskin
  16. SuperYang

    Tractors Universal 445-DTC

    Description Universal 445-DTC are old classic tractors from Romania, manufactured between 1972 and 1981. This mod is similar to its Slovenian version from 1981. Price: €8000 Power: 45 hp Settings : 1. Wheels: Narrow, Outer Front, Dual, Rear Wide, Wide, Dual Wide 2. Weight: 300kg, 600kg 3...
  17. SuperYang

    Tractors Fendt Dieselross F15

    Description The best horse in your stable! This is a Fendt Dieselross F15 for the FS22. Settings : -Engine configuration - Branch configuration - Hood to open with the mouse - In support configuration also for our Swiss, Swiss license plates The mod generates a log error. Characteristics : -...
  18. SuperYang

    Tractors Fendt Favorit 800/900

    Description The Fendt Favorit 800/900 from the LS19 is still familiar, it received a new coat of paint and a new shine. The Fendt has been overhauled and brought up to Farming Simulator 22 standard. Settings : The wheel configuration (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, BKT) is adapted to LS22...
  19. SuperYang

    Tractors New Holland 8340

    Description A small New Holland 8340 tractor, converted from FS19 by the modder. Everything is functional, the mod is well modeled, everything works and it adds a bit of diversity to the small tractor category for those wanting a bit of a change. Info: Price: €74,000 Power: 125hp
  20. SuperYang

    Tractors Ursus 1204-1614 Pack

    Description A good old tractor from the Ursus brand with many performance and aesthetic configurations. Characteristics : - Price: €42,000 - Power: 117 hp
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