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  1. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 6R Edit

    Description Price: 228.000$ Power: 280 - 300 hp Speed: 50 km/h Configurations: -Stickers -Starfire -Tyres -Terminal Animations: -Door Left can be opened with both mouse buttons -Rear window can be opened with both mouse buttons -Roof hatch can be opened via the mouse wheel
  2. SuperYang

    Tractors Ursus C330

    Description Ursus C330 It has the following configurations: -cabin -tyres -weights -colors
  3. SuperYang

    Tractors Claas Xerion 5000 VC 2.0

    Description Price: €409,500 Perfomance : Xerion 4500 - 480 hpXerion 5000 - 530 hp Features: Pendulum axle (from "BigFoot" from ls-modcompany, thank you very much for that!) original TerraTRAC drive rotating cab color choice for roof and exterior color color choice for the chassis window tint...
  4. SuperYang

    Tractors SYN TRAC

    Description THE SYN TRAC A new vehicle category. Flexible applications. - Fully automatic docking process - Fully automatic coupling of one or more additional driven axle(s) - Fully automatic coupling of an additional engine (summation of PTO power) - Increased safety through optimal visibility...
  5. SuperYang

    Tractors Massey Ferguson 5700M 12x12 Version

    Description Massey Ferguson 5700M 12x12 Version - Base Price: 60.000 $ - Engine Configurations: 5711 M - 115 HP 5712 M - 125 HP 5713 M - 135 HP - Specifations: Main color option Design color option Rim color option Animated door Fender Options Front Weight Option - Tire Configurations...
  6. SuperYang

    Tractors Deutz-Fahr Series 7 TTV / Series 8 TTV

    Description Deutz-Fahr Series 7 TTV / 8 TTV Prices: Series 7: 221500$ Series 8: 236000$ -7230TTV (230hp) -7250TTV + 7250TTV HD (250hp) -8280TTV (280hp)
  7. SuperYang

    Tractors Lizard T25A-T30A80

    Description T25A and T30A80 are orchard tractors of Soviet production. They are perfect for field work on small farms. - Category: small tractors - Price and power: T25A - 9,000 $ - 30 HP T30A80 - 13,000 $ - 32 HP
  8. SuperYang

    Tractors Mercedes-Benz Trac 800-900

    Description In-game information: - color choice - Tire variants can be changed - Weight holder or front hydraulics - Sticker design - Some engine versions can be selected, which can also change the design of the MB trac - Opening discs for the front and rear are available to be operated with...
  9. SuperYang

    Tractors Renault 7X1s 7X1-4s

    Description Small tractors from the 1985s. - Price: €14,900 - 2WD and 4WD version - Power: from 75hp to 78hp - Max speed: 27Km/h - Wheel configuration - Interior color configuration - Configuration of mirrors - Beacon configuration - Mass (500kg) - Simple IC ready
  10. SuperYang

    Tractors Case IH Maxxum 5100 Series 6cyl

    Description Here is what has changed on the Maxxum V2: -Bug fixed -Sound installed by Lance - Configurable exhaust color -Makes configurable side rails -Added Maxxtrac stickers -And those little things I hereby make my Maxxum 6 cylinder series available for download. - Power: 105-150 - Price...
  11. SuperYang

    Tractors Case IH 4200 Series

    Description this is the Case IH 4200 Series including a 4220(76hp) and a 4230(84hp) a 4240(104hp) will come soon this mod is still beta and requires some fixing. it is based off my 745swb as you might be able to tell. therefore it has most of the same features. i mainly changed the hood, colours...
  12. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 7010

    Description John Deere 7010 Power: 160-175hp Price: 92.000€ Engine configuration: - John Deere 7710 - John Deere 7810 Other configurations: - Beacon Lights - Numberplate position - Exhaust Animation: - This tractor has a Mouse Control to open the doors and back window. This tractor is...
  13. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 9RT

    Description When you need speed, efficiency and precision to navigate the toughest surfaces in your field, turn to 9RT. With two tracks, you'll have 52% more ground contact than with wheels, plus the best straight traction you've ever experienced. The updated cabin is well equipped with comfort...
  14. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 6030 Series 6cyl

    Description Beautiful, legendary John Deere 6000 series tractor in 6-cylinder version. Characteristic: - Price: 103,000 € - Power: 125 - 165 hp John Deere has: Doors, windows with MouseControll Level configuration Mirror configuration Windshield configuration GPS settings Front cover...
  15. SuperYang

    Tractors Zetor 162245

    Description Price: 42,000 Configurations: -Turbo -Fenders (plastic, metal, rubber rear) -Mask -Lamps -Tires -Colour Mod has SimpleIC (doors, roof, windows) Prohibitions: -No editing -No change of link
  16. SuperYang

    Tractors Zetor Proxima 8441

    Description Mod has: - gearboxes - sounds - configurations: weights, turn, fenders and tuza Power: 82 hp Fuel capacity: 180l Max. speed: 40km/h Gearbox: Manual + Powershift
  17. SuperYang

    Tractors Deutz Fahr 9290 Edit

    Description - Speed: 97 km/h - Power: 824, 975, 1250 HP - Big Wheel options - Color choice - Washable
  18. SuperYang

    Tractors Volvo BM Pack

    Description Volvo BM Pack Viktor 230: - Price: 15.800$ - Power: 51 hp - Max. speed: 30 km/h Boxer 350: - Price: 15.800$ - Power: 51 hp - Max. speed: 30 km/h Volvo BM 430: - Price: 8.500$ - Power: 43-49 hp - Max. speed: 27 km/h Volvo BM 700: - Price: 8.500$ - Power: 90 hp - Max. speed: 30...
  19. SuperYang

    Tractors John Deere 7810 Edit

    Description Hello this is my first mod. This is the standard 7810 from the Ls22. I've made a few changes For example: 40km/h sticker, warning sign, Pöttinger terminal, aluminum box, top link and made the exhaust a bit blacker Have fun with the mod.
  20. SuperYang

    Tractors MTZ Pack

    Description The package includes: -MTZ-80/82/Beam bridge -MTZ-80/82 - stacker -MTZ-82 MES -200 -MTZ-80 - half-track -MTZ-80/82 EO-2621 -MTZ-80/82 PAF-1BM -MTZ-80x -SPS-4.2 - beet/potato loader-cleaner -RKS-2.6 - beet/potato harvester -HMP-1.8 - cotton harvester -2PTS-6 - cotton -BM-6B - haulm...
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